Root Canal Treatment (RCT)


Now with the help of latest gadgets and technology and advancement in the skilled training of the Dentist, Root Canal Treatment has become PAIN FREE and more of a single visit procedure (80% cases are done in single visit).

In previous days if there was any pain or infection in the tooth people usually undergoes an extraction but now a days one can save his/her natural tooth with the help of root canal treatment. It is the straightforward procedure to relieve dental pain and save your natural tooth .

Root canal treatment is designed to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal , prevent the reinfection of the tooth and save the natural tooth .

HI TECH Root Canal Treatment:

We at DENTAL WORLLD are well equipped with best quality equipment to complete the Root Canal Treatment with utmost perfection and accuracy

These include :

  1. RVG Radiovisiography : it is the most helpful tool for diagnosing teeth problems and displayin a large digital picture of the xray on the screen where both the Doctor and the Patient can clearly see and understand the actual problem in the tooth, and also verify each and every level of the Root Canal Treatment step by step.

2. Digital apex locator : we are glad to own J morita apex locator which is simply the Gold standard for measuring the actual length of the tooth in any given situation..

3. NSK Endomotor : this is an another gadget which helps in speeding up the long procedure of Root Canal Treatment, moreover helping us achieve 6% or larger taper of canal preparation for better irrigation and cleaning.

4. Endoactivator : in a Root Canal Treatment Irrigation being the most important step, by means of an Endoactivator, the irrigating solution is activated and thus it becomes 10 times more potent and reaches its highest efficiency.

5. Obturation system : Root Canal anatomy is all 3 dimensional, so to fill all the canals in all nick and corners, this latest gadget in happily a part of our inventory.

It is only with the combined combination effect of these all equipments we are able to do a pain free and quick Root Canal Treatment.

The term root canal comes from cleaning of the canals inside the tooth’s root. The procedure involves removing the damaged area of tooth (the pulp) and cleaning it , then filling with suitable material and sealing it .


Cracked tooth , a deep cavity , repeated dental treatment to the tooth or trauma to it .


Severe pain while chewing or biting , a chipped or cracked tooth , sensitivity to hot and cold even after the removal of stimulus , swollen or tender gums and deep decay.


Root canal treatment consists of a number of steps that take place over several dental visits, depending on the situation. Firstly, the endodontist examine and x-rays the tooth, then local anesthesia is administered to the affected tooth to numb the area near the tooth. A rubber dam (a sheet of rubber ) is usually placed over the affected tooth to isolate it and keep it free from saliva. The endodontist makes an opening through the back of front tooth or the crown of molar or premolar to remove the infected pulp. Next the pulp chamber and root canals are cleaned and shaped with the help of instruments and chemicals to make them infection free. Then the root canal is filled with gutta percha material and is sealed in place with suitable cement. If more than one visit is needed, a temporary filling is placed in the crown opening to protect the tooth in between the dental visits. In the final step, a crown is usually placed over the tooth to restore its natural shape and appearance and give the tooth the much needed strength.



Efficient chewing , normal biting forces , natural appearance and protects other teeth from excessive wear or strain.

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