Dental Photography

Love for my lense of my camera is prevailing since childhood, Now as a grown up, my passion of photography is helping me to produce more beautiful and predictable Smiles in my dental profession.


To conquer my passion of photography, I was blessed to have learned the art from Dental Photography School, Mumbai. Under the great guidance of master DR. MAYUR DAWRA. He is an eminent personality in this era of photography in India.


Yes Dental photography can influence every treatment of Dentistry. Diagnosis, Follow ups, Documentation, Analysis, Aesthetic Dentistry, Smile Design, Photography for Shade taking, Photography for training our dental staff, Publications. And much more…


It’s the best tool to communicate with the dental lab professional who is sitting miles away and making a tooth for a patient. He can exactly see and fabricate that particular shape and size of the tooth, and color of the tooth, for an individual, which will suit his/her personality and match with face.


Dental photography is helping us the clinicians to maintain exact record of the patient for long term follow-up, and maintenance if needed.
It is a very technical part of our Dental practice, where in very high end DSLR camera and related lenses are used. To collect a proper image at a proper angle with proper lighting is a challenge sometimes, but as we all know patience is a virtue, and shortcuts doesn’t lead to desired results. So we expect all our patients to co-operate while their teeth are being photographed, because its for their own treatment success.

My aim in dental photography is: to one day feature in the only dedicated “DENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE” of the world, which is one of the most glamorous thing that has occurred in the field of Dental Photography so far.
So miles to go before I sleep ,


Happy smiles and keep smiling ☺

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