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DR KHANNA’S Dental clinics have been providing world class dental treatments since 1960. The 3rd generation of doctors, providing best of dental treatments at affordable prices. Mastered their subjects and specialties with studies done in India as well as internationally to cater to the people of tri-city. The quality of dental treatments at par with the current technology.

Right from dentistry for kids to senior citizens, our dental surgeons provide good, complete and affordable dental treatments at our clinics. We are committed towards providing unparalleled services and we strictly adhere to the standards set by American Council of Dentists at our dental clinics.

One of the only dental clinic in the region where the elderly can be comfortably be treated on his/her wheel chair itself at our clinic operatory.

Once you are here you are welcomed by our staff and our doctors attend to you as soon as possible, if our doctors are pre occupied you can wait at our comfortable reception area, and an approximate time for waiting is told, usually not more than 15 minutes.

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